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Ceramic Pro Leather
True Protective Coating for all Leather Surfaces
Ceramic Pro Leather

Ceramic Pro Leather is launched keeping in mind leather lovers. It was developed with the aim to protect leather from water, ageing, sun rays and retain its looks and feel of the product. It can only be applied by approved applicators.

Ceramic Pro leather offers below listed benefits for your clothing and accessories:

Keeps Leather Soft
Maintains the durability of the product
Protects apparel/product from wear & tear
Retain Shine and Glow of the apparel/product
Super Hydrophobic Effect
Weather & UV Resistance
Used for the treatment of
  • car exterior
  • car interior
  • wheel rims
  • motorcycles
  • helicopters
  • yachts
  • furnitures
  • clothing & shoes
  • accessories
available for purchase
25-150 ml per vehicle exterior, depending on how many layers apply.
Application methods: applicator sponge, spray.
Long shelf live!
- 5 years in factory sealed packaging
- 1 year once packaging is open
Multifunctional protective nanoceramic coating