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Ceramic Pro TAG
is an effective air purification, anti mould, anti bacteria solution
Ceramic Pro TAG

Ceramic Pro TAG is air purification, anti mould, anti bacteria and antivirus solution with excellent weather ability. Ceramic Pro TAG is a Ti02 photocatalytic self-cleaning solution, meaning surfaces coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2). Ceramic Pro TAG is product launched focusing applicators. It can only be applied by approved applicators. Ceramic Pro TAG has been tested and certified by SGS- the world leading inspection, verification, testing & certification Company. When the surface is exposed to an ultraviolet light source such as the sun the coating's oxidative property decomposes organic substances such as microbes or bacteria on the surface, combined with nano-Ag particles, the protection can be extended to the area without ultraviolet light to offer the best 24 hour protection.

Photo catalytic Self-cleaning
Air Purification Application
Anti Mould, Bacteria & Virus
Organic Decomposition
Improved Binding Strength
Water Based Solution
Used for the treatment of
  • car exterior
  • car interior
  • wheel rims
  • motorcycles
  • helicopters
  • yachts
  • furnitures
  • clothing & shoes
  • accessories
available for purchase
25-150 ml per vehicle exterior, depending on how many layers apply.
Application methods: applicator sponge, spray.
Long shelf live!
- 5 years in factory sealed packaging
- 1 year once packaging is open
Multifunctional protective nanoceramic coating