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Ceramic Pro Wheel&Caliper
Cleaning your rims will never be the same!
Ceramic Pro Wheel&Caliper

Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper is cost effective and low cost surface cleaner. It is a coating specifically designed to protect the part of your vehicle that encounters the harshest driving environment. It is designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions, this permanent protective coating has advanced High Heat Resistant and Super Chemical Resistant properties to protect your wheels and brake calipers from damaging brake dust and fallout. Brake

particles can reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees F and penetrate the surface of your wheel. It has a temperature resistance of 1890 degrees F eliminating hot brake particles and hot tar from adhering to or penetrating the surface.

Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper offers below listed benefits to the customers:

Creates anti-graffiti coating layer
Makes surface easy to clean
Provides "high gloss" effect
Protects wheel and calipers against brake dust
Save time and money
Used for the treatment of
  • car exterior
  • car interior
  • wheel rims
  • motorcycles
  • helicopters
  • yachts
  • furnitures
  • clothing & shoes
  • accessories
available for purchase
25-150 ml per vehicle exterior, depending on how many layers apply.
Application methods: applicator sponge, spray.
Long shelf live!
- 5 years in factory sealed packaging
- 1 year once packaging is open
Multifunctional protective nanoceramic coating